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LAUNCH believes in bringing opportunity to ambitious students and their families. We offer one-to-one coaching who can provide you the best insight. 

LAUNCH is not an agent and does not work for universities. Thus, LAUNCH cannot guarantee admission to or financial aid from any school. We believe in a well-balanced, values-based application strategy to maximize fit.
All prices below are exclusive of 21% BTW/VAT


LAUNCH provides three boutique, personalized university guidance packages for ambitious and motivated students seeking to attend university in America, the United Kingdom, Canada, and throughout Europe. These packages provide our families the best return on investment as each allows for unlimited communication with LAUNCH and a highly bespoke guidance plan. LAUNCH does not count hours and works extensively outside of meetings for students and their ambitions. This means meetings are used for important and valuable feedback, discussions, and in depth tasks creating more progress in less time for the student.

These packages aim to make the university application process organized (through our use of Cialfo), less stressful (through strategic mediation and project management), and tailored to a student's goals, values, and ambition (our values-based approach).

We offer all families a free consultation to share our knowledge, learn more about your needs, and determine if we are a good fit for one another.

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Designed with the ambitious, driven student in mind, the LAUNCH Elite package aims to help students share a robust story with admissions officers at Top 40 US  and Top 100 global institutions. This package is for the most fearless of applicants, requiring dedication, a strong commitment towards preparation, and a vision for future success. It must be started no later than sophomore year.

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courses and downloads

As an education advisory, we believe in providing quality advice to all income levels. Our digital products provide you a solid foundation for conducting your post secondary search. Within our digital products, you will find extracurricular, list building, recommendation, essay, and decision-making guides. To learn more and purchase digital products,

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The comprehensive package is all-inclusive and includes everything in the mini and essentials packages plus more! It guides the average to above average student and their family through the entire school preparation, application, selection, and decision process. LAUNCH encourages students to start during freshman or sophomore year to provide time to receive quality

guidance and advise.



The essentials package provides everything in the mini package plus a limited holistic factor review, personal branding guidance and academic CV creation, class selection and extracurricular advice, essay coaching for four essays, application strategy for up to eight applications, and recommendation review and advice. Students should start this package in junior year.


LAUNCH does provide hourly packages on a case by case basis. Typically, these packages are used for secondary school advice,  test prep, a single essay, or long term advice. LAUNCH will advise you if they believe an hourly package is right for your situation.

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Post Secondary Advisor




Test Prep/Skills


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Post Secondary Advisor




Post Secondary Advisor


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