LAUNCH understands the importance of being transparent and giving families value for their investment. Below you will find a list of typical questions you may have during the IEC selection process. If your question is not answered, please contact us at

What is an Independent Education Consultant?

An Independent Education Consultant (IEC) commits to providing unbiased advice regarding the school application process in various countries. IECs are compensated by families and DO NOT work for schools and thus, cannot guarantee admission to or financial aid from any school.

Was an IEC involved in a huge university admission scandal in the US?

While William Rick Singer stated he was an IEC, he did not hold memberships in the Independent Education Consultants Association or the Higher Education Consultants Association. He also did not have membership in the National Association of College Admissions Counselors or any of the regional subsets. As a result, there was no accountability or governing body to ensure he operated with integrity and ethics. This behavior is an outlier in the profession and should not taint your vision of how LAUNCH can assist your family and creating educational opportunities.

How is LAUNCH different than other consultancies?

LAUNCH works with a limited number of clients to offer the most personalized service possible. We also do not charge families for hourly work but instead in packages, which allows clients to receive the most value for their investment. With our packages, you do not have to worry about when you need help as our packages include unlimited emails and phone calls. You will never have to worry about where your money is being spent because it is being spent on finding quality fits for your family.

Is LAUNCH worth the investment?

Expat and international students and their families face challenges special challenges when choosing a school. LAUNCH does everything to make the process for application easier. We also aim to create solutions quickly while allowing our staff equitable compensation for their contribution to your school search and application process.

Why should we choose LAUNCH as our IEC?

IECs provide personalized guidance and attention, while committing to finding the best school choices for you. LAUNCH learns as much as we can to advise you on the best options for your educational, social, emotional, professional, and personal growth. We want to help you launch your future through a comprehensive and holistic guidance process.

What professional ethics guide LAUNCH?

Founder Lauren Joyce Hensel is an Associate Member of the Independent Education Consultants Association and applying for membership to the Higher Education Consultants Association. The IECA’s Principles of Good Practice and HECA’s Core Values of Ethical Practice guide LAUNCH’s relationship with families. LAUNCH also uses its internally developed mission, vision, and values to guide all our business and advising choices - everything from the software for our client portals to who we partner with for events and more.

How many hours do you spend with a family?

We do not track hours as each student and family requires a unique amount of time. Hence the reason we charge for a package and not hourly. This allows us to remain flexible and assist families in the most personalized way possible.

Can you guarantee my admission to the top universities?

LAUNCH cannot guarantee admission to any university or school. However, we work diligently to provide families opportunities best suited to their priority list, values, and financial situation.

In which countries do you specialize?

Currently, we offer families university guidance for the United States of America. We have plans to expand to the United Kingdom and the Netherlands within one to two years. With our school advice packages, we specialize in Dutch and international schools in the Netherlands for both primary and secondary school years.

Should I disclose my learning differences?

It is always in your best interest to disclose any learning differences so LAUNCH can provide you the best opportunities and guidance and/or advice possible. By working together in a transparent partnership, LAUNCH can help your family find best fit schools which will honor an individual's gifts and talents while providing them the support they need.

What if we do not live in the Netherlands? Can LAUNCH still help?

Absolutely. We can assist families virtually over Skype, FaceTime, WhatsApp, and various other methods. With so many virtual meeting software options, we are here for your family no matter you location.

I have a college counselor at school already; can I benefit from working with LAUNCH?

Yes, and you should schedule a free consultation with LAUNCH to learn more about how the personalized and individual approach LAUNCH provides can reduce your family’s stress during the school search. Personalized guidance inspires families to pursue opportunities with the greatest value and fit for their priorities.


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