LAUNCH understands the importance of being transparent and giving families value for their investment. Below you will find a list of typical questions you may have during the IEC selection process. If your question is not answered, please contact us at

How Do You Grow Accounts and Attract Followers?

We don’t buy or sell Instagram followers. Our team of Instagram experts will manage your account and help you target and attract real ones! We will perform a tiring amount of organic activity and engagement to attract them. We’ve developed highly effective methods for targeting users and encouraging them to follow you. This includes Following, Liking, Watching stories and Unfollowing. Once you’ve signed up to the best organic Instagram growth service (us!), we’ll take care of everything while you lap up the growth!

How Many Followers Will My Account Gain?

We’re working hard to attract REAL people who will follow you by their own free-will. Since our goal is to attract real followers, there are many variables that affect growth which are out of our control. We can not guarantee exact growth or specific number of followers to be gained. This includes your profile attractiveness, target audience, industry, products/services, profile layout and overall strategy. But the biggest factor is posting high-quality content, regularly and you engaging with your followers. But that’s obvious right? What we can say is, we do everything we can to help our clients achieve the best growth rate possible! Currently, clients are averaging 600+ new followers monthly. If you would like us to provide an estimation on your growth potential please get in touch using the contact form below.

What's The Difference Between Packages?

We’ve created different packages to suit a variety of budgets and needs. As you might expect, higher packages achieve better, faster results. Higher packages offer greater target optimization and premium levels of support. Our Business Plan also includes our sought-after Instagram Marketing Guide to help you convert añl that organic traffic into leads for your business. We suggest you choose the best package that fits your budget. If you need advice, or if you require a custom package, please get in touch with us using the contact form below.

Do You Post Content On My Account?

You remain in full control of all the content you post. We do not post any content on your behalf. This allows you to focus on posting the best content possible, while we focus on bringing you more real followers to view your posts. What is important is that you continue posting content consistently and frequently to your account, as potential new followers tend to follow those who are most active.

Will You Need My Instagram Account Password?

Yes, because we’re humans performing real activity using your account to attract followers. Other services who don’t need access to your account are not getting you real followers. Your dedicated account manager is the only one who will have access and we have very strict security and privacy measures in place. We can gladly say we’ve never had any issues!

Will my Free Trial Start Immediately?

We are a 100% human-powered service. Your account manager needs to be available to process your sign-up info and get your account started. This said, it shouldn’t be more than 24 hours before your account gets started!

What If I Want To Cancel My Free Trial?

You may cancel your subscription or free trial anytime. To do so, please contact us via email at 24hrs before the end of your trial.

When cancelling your subscription, please note that because we work on a month-to-month basis, we will continue to grow your account until the end of the billing period.

Use our 5 Days Free Trial and see what we have to offer. Cancel anytime during the trial period, and you won’t pay a dime.

*Note that our trial offers a slower pace growth than our memberships but helps you understand how everything works.