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Building Your University List

A virtual course resulting in 10 schools personalized for YOU.


Taught by LAUNCH founders 
Lauren Joyce Hensel and Sara Bittner.

With a combined 15 years of college admissions experience, Sara and Lauren have guided hundreds of students in their college search and application process. The most critical factor in determining student success? Picking the right schools for YOU. This course guides you through the entire process, resulting in a list of 10 schools personalized to be a perfect fit.

In this course we will cover

Personal Values
self exploration.png
Personal values
Unique talents
Personal interests
Ideal environments
Your student statistics
Self Assessments

The right number of schools
How to research universities
Aligning values with a school
Analyzing school components
Financial Considerations
Major Exploration
Application Philosophies

A balanced list
Reach, Target, and High likelihood
Admissions hooks
Understanding university types
Requesting info
List of 40 down to list of 10
Next steps: essays, deadlines

graduation (1).png

Take the first step to building your perfect university list today! 

Get this step-by-step guide, including downloadable templates, for just €50 to start building your own college list using the same methods as Launch!

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